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Petition seeks slowdown in public-housing renovation | The Columbia Daily Tribune - Columbia, Missouri

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This burns my back side. I moved to Columbia in 2001 and since that time until the time I left this past May 2012 all I heard were people living in that area crying about the old and run down housing and now that new housing is going in some of these same people are still complaining? You are not "Entitled" people!!

From The Trib:
A petition urging a delay in a proposed revitalization project for public housing units on Lincoln and Unity drives was presented to the Columbia Housing Authority's board yesterday.
The petition given to the CHA Board of Commissioners at its meeting last night was signed by CHA residents, their relatives living in other areas of Columbia and concerned community residents. Of the more than 120 signatures on the petition, about 50 came from 41 of the 64 public housing units at Lincoln and Unity drives. CHA has proposed to work with private developers to renovate aging housing at those sites as part of a larger effort to revitalize its 294 public housing units and increase the city's stock of affordable housing. 

As for "Michael Pryor, a Lincoln Drive resident and president of the Downtown Tenants Association" he was one of the biggest complaining members of the CHA Resident Advisory Board(RAB) when I was a representative of Paquin Tower on that same board. His protesting at this point is hypocritical if not completely moot for the sure fact that this is nothing new and has been in the CHA/PHA 5 Year Plan for the past 7 years at least I lived at Paquin Tower and was around the RAB Meetings hearing and reading ALL of the various documentation being presented and handed out while there was hardly ever anybody from the Downtown Residents Association forming any kind of real true representation.

I think the Tribune needs to dig deeper into this issue and that CHA needs to just move ahead with their plans since as I plainly presented and past CHA Documentation from past RAB Meeting Minutes will plainly show and the CHA/PHA 5 Year Plan will plainly show this has been in the works for a very long time and is nothing new. 

I urge the Tribune to do a Sunshine Law Request with CHA of past RAB Minutes to see how many times this issue has been brought up over the past 5 plus years and to show the rest of the story not being told by Mr Pryor and others in the Unity and Trinity areas of CHA. What you will uncover will amaze you on the serious lack of activity at RAB Meetings out of the Down Town Resident Association. 

Also with Mary Hussmann, a member of GRO she was never at a RAB Meeting that I can remember in my entire time as a RAB Member in good standing so here we have another so called "good citizen" who has no clue what was said and/or presented at the RAB Meetings.

My bet is most if not all of those who actually live in CHA Housing who have their names on that petition have never been to a RAB Meeting, have never read ANY of the material presented at those meetings and any info they were given by their resident association representatives was not what was presented by CHA at those meetings.

Another question is how can any signatures from non residents who do not live with in the CHA or under CHA jurisdiction have any count? In reality they don't!!

CHA needs move forward with their work they know that must be done for the Benefit of all. CHA Residents in the Trinity and Unity Areas being rebuilt need to sit down and shush your mouths because you are now about to receive the blessings you have been crying about since 2001 and before that even. 

CHA is constantly doing maintenance but obviously these residents do not realize that it costs more in maintenance in the long run than to begin to fix the ongoing problem once and for all or at least over the next 25 years by building all new apartments for you.

This just looks like now that the "Entitled" are getting something really nice and new this is nothing but more whining for attention.  

Makes me feel even more blessed and grateful that God helped me to get out of Columbia,away from public housing and back into the real world where real life is at and going on and not stuck in the "Entitlement Syndrome" which those in that type of atmosphere should realize is more of a blessing than they have ever had in their entire lives.

Nuff Said!

Petition seeks slowdown in public-housing renovation | The Columbia Daily Tribune - Columbia, Missouri

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